WHY CHOOSE DENTAL IMPLANTS to replace a missing tooth or teeth? Dental implants provide and excellent option to conventional treatments such as a fixed bridge or removable partial. The IMPLANT is anchored in the bone and acts as a replacement root for a crown. It provides the patient with a very aesthetic solution. Also, adjacent teeth are not modified to fill the gap. The implant can also decrease stress on adjacent teeth, which ultimately means a more stable bite, making the implant a long term option. Dental implants can be used to replace single teeth, or multiple or even all missing teeth. They can also be used to firmly anchor a partial or a full denture, increasing the comfort of the appliance, as well as enabling the patient to look great and function with confidence. George Washington would have LOVED these!! Dr. Agoglia has been providing patients with excellent, strong and lifelike implant services here at Valley Dental Group in Selinsgrove for 15 years. We would be glad to meet you for a no charge consultation to discuss the possibilities. ( 570) 374-3368