Happy New Years from Valley Dental Group! The number one resolution that people make each year is to improve their health. This can include weight loss and exercise – and most resolutions fail within 14 days.

Here’s one that may be easier to keep  – improve your smile. We’ll do all the work for you! Most people are not aware that infections and bacteria that live in the mouth easily will migrate into the body – causing inflammation and other problems – many serious such as heart disease, joint infections and low birth weights. What better way to improve your health for the New Year than to improve the health of your teeth.

Healthier teeth may also improve your ability to eat better foods – and another big surprise – food will taste better when your teeth are clean. Infection and bacteria does have a taste as well as a smell – I know – yuck! So, come on in and start your resolutions out right.

Our hygienists can perform all levels of dental cleaning – from a normal prophylaxis to full Scaling and Root Planing (S&RP) that removes debris and tartar build up from below the line where your toothbrush won’t go.

Cosmetically, maybe you’d like to “gift” yourself with a “new smile”. We can do it all – from whitening, to crowns and bridges, implants and dentures. So, please give us a call to get started! (570) 374-3368. Cheers 🙂