Well folks, insurance is back up in the air for the New Year. What’s in – what’s out – what’s new? Fortunately (or unfortunately), not much has changed for dental insurance. So what does this mean for you, the patient?

First of all, you should be aware that it is not actually “insurance”. It is a “benefit” that your employer provides, or that you can purchase yourself. Because is it a “benefit”, it has many more restrictions and limits than “insurance”. They can refuse to pay if you don’t follow their “rules”. You should not, however, let their “rules” control your health. Remember, dental benefits companies are in business to MAKE MONEY, not to make sure you stay healthy. Sadly, most companies would actually prefer that you extract all your teeth and wear dentures! Why? Because all they have to pay for are some extractions, and then once every decade or so – maybe a new set of crummy dentures. That is their idea of “dental care”. Another thing that shocks most people is to know that the “maximum” that most companies will pay in a year is $1000. It has been $1000 since 1965. $1000 was a car in 1965. Now it’s barely a nice bike!

The point here is that you, as a patient who desires a pain free healthy and attractive smile, must decide to “ignore” your benefits company. Do not allow them to restrict your choice of treatment. You have the final word in how you are treated. Do you want the “economy” option they offer? Extractions, silver fillings and flimsy partial dentures? Would you be more comfortable with a mid range of treatment, like crowns and fixed bridges and white fillings? Or are you a “high end” consumer – dental implants, implant supported dentures, full arch cosmetic restorations? It’s up to you. Too many people think that they can only do what “insurance” says. NO, NO and NO. Take control of your own health! Dentures are a horrible option, and most people HATE them!

Yes, there will be more of an investment on your part – but if you would be happier with a better smile, it will be worth it – YOU are worth it. You must make the decision – NOT your benefits company!